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High quality video content, responsive player for both desktop and mobile, in-stream and out-stream.

Optimal monetization

Video ads from the top exchanges, including an exclusive Google license, for maximum video ad revenue.

Fast new revenue

Easy installation, ongoing support, full transparency, no commitments, timely payments.
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Everything is included

Publishers with original content and organic traffic are invited to apply, no video content is required. Optimalya offers an all-inclusive video solution, including a perfect player, a rich fully-licensed video library and top tier video ads.

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Video for all platforms

With one easy installation, website visitors through desktop, tablet and mobile will see a responsive video player for a limited number of times.

The player will show relevant original videos. Both in-stream and out-stream, with automatic play and muted unless clicked, the video content will follow top tier video ads with high price and fill rate.

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Multiple Formats

The Optimalya video player is available in all acceptable formats, both in-stream and out-stream, with flexible volume caps and dynamic placement options for both desktop and mobile.

Header Bidding

The most advanced advertising technologies are utilized to maximize the real time bidding process, including header bidding and exchange bidding with the top video ad exchanges.

Direct Campaigns

In addition to header bidding and exchange bidding, Optimalya also operates a direct sales team working with the top agencies and brands and selling direct video campaigns for premium prices.

Timely Payments

With over 500 happy partners, Optimalya processes the monthly payment on the 5th day of the month, delivering accurate payments from the Silicon Valley Bank in California.

Partner Support

As monetization experts, we provide our partnering publishers much more than just a video monetization solution, completing it with close support, professional help and advice when needed.

Google Video

Optimalya is a licensed Google partner providing publishers with premium video advertising demand and high paying video ads through the Ad Manager premium exchange formerly known as Google Adx.

Multiple Formats
Header Bidding
Direct Campaigns
Timely Payments
Partner Support
Google Video

New revenue stream?

Apply today!

Publishers with original content and organic traffic are invited to submit their websites for approval.

Working with premium video advertisers and exchanges, we can only consider for video monetization websites with original content and organic traffic. Once submitted, we review websites manually and once approved – the Optimalya Video Monetization Solution is a click away.

Count on it!

Optimized Video Monetization

Content publishers can start making money from video immediately. The Optimalya video solution includes everything you need. The cross platform video player, a fully licensed and relevant video library, optimized video monetization. As a premium publisher, you are a just click away.

The payments are processed monthly, but the 5th day of the following month (net+35), and are paid from a US bank account. Throughout the month, support is available via phone, chat and email.

The Optimalya Video solution is the fruit of years of development and experience and includes standard video ad tags, header bidding and also exchange bidding, all to make sure that the results are maximized.

In addition to the fully optimized programmatic video monetization, Optimalya also manages a direct sales team working with the leading ad agencies and brands, bringing unique high-paying video demand to its publishers.


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