About Us


Publishers First

We've been in the publishing and monetization business for over a decade. Everywhere we went, the industry protected the advertisers, because they bring the money to the table. We chose to take the publishers' corner, because without them, there is no web. Our vision is simple: Publishers First.

The Optimalya Story

Working closely with publishers, we established Adnimation, a premium publishers agency, where we provide full monetization service. To answer a real need, we developed the Optimalya Video Solution and tested it on over 100 websites, before we started offering it as a stand alone solution. And publishers love it!

Meet the Team

When it seems like the entire industry helps advertisers get better return for lower prices, we take the publishers' corner.

Why? Because it's the publishers who actually generate content and without them, the web is empty. We help them with monetization.

Tomer Treves - Video Monetization

Tomer Treves


Partnered with over 50K publishers in his career, still celebrates each new partnership.

Maor Davidovich - Video Monetization Expert

Maor Davidovich


Managed over 100B ad impressions in his career, still hits refresh every 5 minutes.

Assaf Kalderon - Video Monetization Expert

Assaf Kalderon


Responsible personally for over 1K websites, still knows each publisher by name.

So what's next?

Add the Optimalya Video Solution to your website to create a new premium ad revenue stream. It starts with a 30-seconds application form.